Saturday, May 9, 2009

Taking a Long, Long Hiatus

As much as I love blogging about poetry (he says with only the slightest bit of snarky irony), I'm a a full-time freelance writer now and paying the bills in this economy is becoming more of a challenge every day. I'll try to drop a piece on this blog every once in awhile, but don't hold your breath. Now if someone wants to PAY ME .15c a word, I'll handle five pieces a week. But until then? It's a steady wait-and-see (unless I win Powerball, which a fortune cookie recently suggested might be in my future). Hooray!


jeannine said...

Too bad - just discovered your blog! Good luck with the freelance writing (I know how tough that can be...) and in the poetry-writing, publishing, etc...

kishor khatri said...

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